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Tickets are $50 ea.
Funds support the Northern Rockies Museum

Money, Mountains and...Murder!

Murder at the Hinton Station is a murder mystery live action role playing evening. 

Set in 1927, when the Hinton station reopened to the public, this story is based around true historical events-with a bit of theatric flair. 

What to expect:

2 weeks before the event:

Guests will be given a character sheet outlining the background of their character, how they should act and what they should wear to the event. 

The evening of:

Doors open at 5pm, Murder Mystery starts at 6pm

Guests will arrive to the Northern Rockies Museum (the original Hinton Station) and receive a series of tasks they must complete in the evening. These tasks help to progress the story and set the stage for the murder. The murderer and victim do not know who they are until the night of the event. 

Guests will also be given 'money' to use at their discretion-it could be to bribe someone for information, to keep someone quiet or pay for a service!

Halfway through the evening, one person will become the murder victim and it is up to the rest of the guests to solve the mystery and find the murderer!

Prizes are awarded for best costume, best acting, most money earned, and successfully guessing the murderer. 

Background Story

The reopening of the Hinton Station will be one of the social highlights of the year, with guests travelling far and wide to attend. After the amalgamation of the Grand Trunk Pacific and Canadian National Railways in 1921, much has changed. Many stations have been upgraded and enhanced to provide for the future growth of the railway. Nowere else is this more true than the station at Hinton. The station has been closed since 1917, however with the relaying of track the station is again ready to serve the surrounding area. This also marks the last remodel along the Canadian National line. President of the company, Sir Henry Thorton will be in attendance at the ribbon cutting ceremony and following party. 

Thorton has recently been under fire from various critics over his lavish spending within Canadian National. Although, Thorton considers the expenses 'essential' to the future development of the railways, many disagree. 

With the rise of use of the automobile and the highway from Edmonton to Jasper in the works, train travel may fall out of fashion. In addition, travel by air is becoming more economical. 

Various airplane companies are starting in Alberta including Bear Lake Airways, the fastest growing company in the province. 

The Honourable John Cranston, MP will also be in attendance. Cranston has often been seen as eccentric and will surely add colour to this already star studded opening party. 






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