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Help The Kids in Your Life Remember

to Recycle with an

Elk on a Shelf

Elk on a Shelf is a beautiful children's book written and illustrated by the staff at the Northern Rockies Museum. It tells the story of an Elk who decides to help children remember to reuse, reduce and recycle in their homes, sacrificing his life of living in the forests to live with them.


Your purchase of an Elk on a Shelf comes with the illustrated book, an Elk stuffie of your very own, and it all comes in a reusable, eco-friendly bag.

When you buy an Elk on a Shelf, not only are you teaching your children to protect their environment but you are also helping the Northern Rockies Museum, a non-profit organization. 

The Northern Rockies Museum works to provide historical educational resources to everyone in the community of Hinton, AB and strives to create a community space where citizens can learn, teach, share and empower one another. Its vision is to present history, engage the community and have fun.

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