The Northern Rockies Museum has partnered with the Hinton Public Library for the TD Summer Reading Club. 

Follow the museum for 7 Wednesdays of fun, adventure and learning. 

Click on the red circles below to register for each week of programming. By registering, you will receive a supply package containing everything you need to follow along with our workshops. Registered participants must be able to pick supply packages up at the museum. If you are located outside of Hinton and would like to participate, we will have a complete instruction and supply list for each workshop on our teachers pay teachers website here. 

Week One

Build your very own ladybug house, plus learn about the many different types of ladybugs living in Alberta with your pocket ladybug identification booklet. 


Week Two

Create your own survival kit and develop skills for wilderness survival including what to do if you get lost!


Week Three

Learn how to cast an animal track and use your pocket animal track guide to spot animal tracks in your local area. 

Week Five

Learn the proper techniques of foraging. Forage for leaves and create your own tea!

Week Four

Enjoy an escape room style game outside! Including locked boxes, riddles and puzzles, this is a great event for groups!

Week Six

Learn how to spin alpaca fiber using a drop spindle. Discover different fibers and how they are used. 

Week Seven

Learn how to make a real goose quill and learn how to bind a book.

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