Rockies Rendezvous Festival

The museum and all of participants had so much fun at the first annual Rockies Rendezvous Festival. The first event was Axe Throwing, sponsored by Mark Deagle Log Building Ltd, had both new and old try out. Out top three went into sudden death round with Jill Morley coming out in 3rd place. Tim Hooey and Andrew McIntyre tied during the sudden death round. Finally Andrew McIntyre came out as number one.

The Cougar Hunt Competition, sponsored by Parks West Mall, had six teams compete with a total of 16 people playing. Contestants ran around town to find the more creative (and at times) hilarious shots of Hinton. One of the most interesting things about this competition was that five of the six teams took a picture of Edson for 'Hinton's worst enemy'. I guess everyone had the same idea! There were three lovely judges from the Hinton Art Club that rated them based on creativity, uniqueness and skill. The winners were- the Howarth family in first place, Team Super Awesome in second and the Hooey's in third.

Bannock was being cooked downstairs by the Hinton's Friendship Center. The building filled with the smell of fried dough! The museum was filled to the brim at this point- you couldn't fir anymore people in the building.

Mayor Michaels came to judge the Best Beard contest sponsored by Servus Credit Union, and in an interesting turn of events, the youngest members Erik and Chael (who had the strap on beards) won first prize! Second place went to Andrew McIntyre and third went to Tom Marshall.

Mayor Michaels stuck around for our Turkey Bowling Competition sponsored by Servus Credit Union and ended up taking the whole tournament! Terra Verch won third place and Greg Bolschetschenko took second. It was a close match!

Game Hen Bowling Competition was very interesting. Aside from the flying frozen birds going every which way down the track, the winners were Kayden Day for first, Temperance Verch in second and Grace Day in third.

The Best Tattoo Competition had seven participants and was judged and sponsored by Dominant Tattoo's. First place went to a great back tattoo on Jeff Polley, second was Kelsy Gibos with a lovely leg tattoo and third was Rita Hooey.

Best Dog Howling (or maybe more excited dog barking) went to Huckleberry and their master Kelsy Gibos.

Our Coal Miner's Challenge sponsored by United Mine Workers of America L-1656, was very interesting! Guys shoveled coal (slack) into a wheelbarrow and then push it as fast as they could to the finish line. The wheelbarrow wheel was a bit low which made this all the more fun and difficult! Grant Huettmeyer skid through the finish line to claim first, Ian Printy claimed second and third went to Travis Johnson.

Our last event of the day was the Swede Saw Cut sponsored by Hinton Boxing Club, which really put the guys through their paces! The log was a freshly cut tree so it was super wet whe they were cutting it which made this very entertaining to watch. Travis Johnson won first place followed by Christ Printy (who was visiting from the UK) and third place went to Andrew McIntyre.

Unfortunately, the last two events were cancelled due to lack of participants, but it was still an action-packed day for the first Rockies Rendezvous.

Lidwien Hanrath from the Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous was here in her 1898 dress and hairpiece helping out and selling Yukon merch ( we still have some if anybody would like to pick some up from the gift shop).

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